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NEWSLETTER: Passion Point to Ponder


Charles competed for the 26th time in the 2019 Lorne Pier to Pub Swim, honoured as ‘The Best Ocean Water Swimming Race in the World’. Charles was President of the Lorne Surf Life Saving Club in 1981 when the Pier to Pub Swim was inaugurated by the Club. The 2020 Swim will therefore be the 40th anniversary race! Charles is a Double Shark Bait Club member (awarded to those who have swum 20 or more times), along with Hon Ted Baillieu, the former Premier of Victoria


NewsCharles is speaking at the Hemp Health & Innovation Expo to be held in Brisbane on 12 & 13 October 2019. See He is speaking on the amazing global impact that industrial hemp is having, and will have in the future, on all aspects of our lives. He will point out to the audience of many hundreds that this one crop can produce the following 10 categories of products: ·Food ·Clothing ·Shelter ·Medicine ·Fuel (ethanol) ·Fertiliser (soil rejuvenation) ·Composite materials (replaces fiberglass and carbon fibre) ·Body care products ·Rope, bailing twine, string, weed matting ·Packaging (paper, cardboard and bio-plastics). ·If you would like a copy of the Presentation that Charles delivers, please contact us.


Human performance is the key to business success. You can have the best product, or the best information, but if your people are not passionate, then your business will struggle. We are currently working with a number of professional firms to help their teams, Australia-wide, to harness passion to deliver world-class customer service. It is an ongoing program that is proving to be personally beneficial for team members, as well as adding huge value to our client. If your organisation needs a boost of passion, please contact us.


Charles KovessCharles Charles Kovess is a trustee of the Global Energy Network Institute. The inspirational purpose of GENI is to build awareness and support for the integration of electrical energy grids around the world into a single interconnected grid that spans the globe, using naturally abundant renewable resources, an initiative that will improve the quality of life for everyone without damage to our planet. Charles is working with the GENI team to present “WeROne World”, an innovative live action role play simulation, in Melbourne on 2 November. This event aims to shift perspectives and increase global awareness of the participants. Inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller, often described as the ‘Einstein of the 21st Century’, WeROne World is a constructed game that educates participants to explore economics, culture and society, in order to foster the skills and talent necessary for thrivability in the 21st century. The day long program, played on a 12 metre x 5 metre map, is broken down into four rounds with each individual allocated a role - representing either a country, commercial bank, food, energy or environmental organisation, UN, UNESCO or the World Health Organisation. See for further information, and to book.


Charles is presenting to the Annual General Meeting of the Healesville/Phillip Island Nature Link on Monday evening 30 September (see ) He is speaking on industrial hemp, and is sharing inspirational message that hemp is poised to be the next big disruptor in agribusiness in health, in sustainability, in construction, and in investment markets. Charles will speak on the opportunities for Australia in the fast-moving (non-drug) hemp industry and medicinal cannabis industry.


Charles KovessCharles has presented to three Rotary meetings over the past few months, donating his services to help the wonderful Rotary members understand the value of passion, self-awareness, and ongoing learning. He shares a number of key ideas on the important role of grandparents in the education and development of their grandchildren or grandnieces and grandnephews. Parents are so busy these days that children miss out: grandparents can fill these ‘time holes’!


Charles continues to work closely with Julie Parker in the ongoing success of Julie Parker Practice Success, a business that provides management advice and guidance to dental practices throughout Australia. Please visit Julie Parker Practice Success