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Dear Charles,

It is now almost a month since our inaugural leadership conference, and although it is early days, I have had the opportunity to reflect on some of the achievements of the past month.

The short term change in the organisational culture has been incredible. What we must do is put in place a program to ensure these short term changes become permanent.

The work you have done with our staff has developed a team spirit which, if continued, will bring with it immeasurable benefits. It is still a long road ahead to reach our goals: however, I would like to thank you for your part in the achievements to date and I am sure that we will reach our final goals.

Yours sincerely,

Rene den Hertog
Managing Director


Dear Charles,

Thanks for your presentations at the two sessions of the JAC Management Development Program held last year.

This is the first time you have worked with JAC in a management development role but the feed back from the participants indicated they enjoyed your style, humour, self analysis approach to personal and professional development and your company over a cup of coffee. I personally found your approach and material to be intuitive and refreshingly provocative at the appropriate time.

Your sessions were thought provoking, well structured and fun. These were the ingredients for the success of the sessions and achieving the objectives for that section of our Management Development Program.

JAC looks forward to working with you during 2001 and beyond.

Kind regards

Lou Gheller
Group Human Resources Manager


Dear Charles,

I am writing to thank you for your presentation at our recent Team Development Day.

That the day was so successful was in no small part due to your presentation "Passionate People Produce" as our keynote speaker. Your words clearly challenged and enthused a team that had just completed a major restructure which resulted in significant job loss.

The feedback from all staff involved was extremely positive and the enthusiasm generated on that day has continued back in the work place. You clearly touched the staff involved and your book is often requested by staff.

Once again thank you for your presentation and I look forward to continuing my association with you.

Yours sincerely



Dear Charles

Re: CEO Briefing

Congratulations on your successful keynote address to our members.

There were 70 CEOs present, and they rated your topic as 8.5/10, and the quality of your speaking at 8.5/10. This in our experience is a very high rating, particularly because you were addressing very experienced and successful business leaders who have been exposed to a wide variety of presenters.

Your presentation for 55 minutes, at a breakfast seminar, was powerful, practical, and relevant to the audience.

You gave them specific strategies that could be implemented in their own lives, and those of their teams, and you maintained their interest throughout. What’s more everyone enjoyed a good laugh through your timely use of humour.

We are also happy that your presentation was specifically tailored to the needs of our members, some of whom will likely be in touch to seek your assistance in applying the strategies in their businesses.

We look forward to working with you and your team in the future, to enhance the leadership skills and profitability of Australian business.

Yours sincerely
Andrew Dalziel


Good morning Charles! You were f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c-! Yes, that’s right. Your presentation last night was simply fantastic. I don’t remember when I have ever enjoyed a meeting as much as I did last night and that’s simply because I had the privilege to hear and see you present. Quite frankly I was blown away.

You held that audience (including me) in the palm of your hand and they are just about the toughest audience you are ever likely to experience. After all, every one of them is a professional speaker and they must be the toughest of judges. However how you moved them, how you got your message across, how you impacted on each of them was totally evident by their rapturous applause.

And you have to count me amongst the toughest of critics too. Because I speak at so many conferences, I get to hear the good, the bad and the indifferent. I have to tell you, you’re not just good, you’re great!

So how do I prove that? Simple. If you ever need anyone to sing your praises, vouch for your consummate professionalism or attest to your speaking skills, hust ask them to call me. I’m delighted to give them chapter and verse on your talents, abilities and skills. Best of all, I’d be delighted to confirm that you are committed to your passion and passionate about your commitment because (and this is the highest praise one speaker can bestow on another) you walk your talk. You don’t just tell others how to do it… do it!

Once again, congratulations. You made me say "WOW!"

Yours sincerely,
Winston Marsh –CSP
Past National President


Dear Charles,

Just a short note to thank you most sincerely for the sensational talk you gave to our staff on Wednesday. People are still talking about the points you made and several people have emailed me with their glowing reports and appreciation: this surely is the mark of a successful presentation!

I am most grateful to you for assisting in this practical way, for your insights, your empathy and for being provocative! It was certainly a great morning, and if I may be so bold, I think you were "at your best"

Heather Barton


Dear Charles,

Many thanks for an incredible ‘performance’ given to the franchisees at our annual conference last Sunday.

Passion, performance and most importantly thought provocation was stirred up in all and the feed back has been very positive from them, now looking at all aspects of their businesses.

As soon as I have settled we need to get together so that you can meet David Quayle and hopefully plan our future.

John Prestion
National Franchise Manager


Dear Charles,

Our sincere thanks go to you for providing inspiration at our recent Here for Life Corporate Breakfast.

Your passion is infectious, and we hope many of our corporate friends have caught the virus! I expect to see many fit and productive executives at the next breakfast-provided it is not too soon after Christmas!

I came back into my office to the quote for the day which read "People who sit tight usually remain where they are". The perfect reinforcement of your message. Thank you.

Thank you for giving your time and energy to our cause, and for sharing your passion so willingly.

We look forward to future projects that we may be able to undertake collaboratively. We will also aim to develop and nurture a relationship with Youth Focus in the near future, and thank you for that introduction.

May the forthcoming Christmas season be filled with the presence of passion.

Correne Wilkie
Project & Events Manager


Dear Charles,

I would like to thank you for a very entertaining and exciting evening recently at A.I.M. It was a privilege to share your vision and passion for life and living in general (and Essendon in particular)

I have to agree with you, we need to generate passion amongst all people – it is the only way to get things moving!

Our consulting firm helps organisations redesign themselves from the bottom up. One objection we often have to deal with is that management has the false belief that people don’t care – you only have to look at a football crowd and you can see the passion just waiting to be tapped!

Thanks once again for an inspirational evening.

Yours sincerely
Trevor Lindley
Principal Consultant


Dear Charles,

Many thanks for delivering a stimulating, challenging and thought provoking presentation at our annual conference.

Your energy and content really got people going at the end of what had been a long and full day.

Our staff from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane expressed great interest in your topic, and are all committed to exploring their "unique swamps".

Feedback since the conference has been extremely positive. I know it is early days yet but I believe that you have got us off to a great start in our aim of "putting passion into SCA".

Thanks once again for your valued input, and I look forward to catching up with you soon.

Best regards,
Jonathan Raymond


Dear Charles,

Thank you for an inspiring day on Saturday. I think we have all come away energised and inspired – both qualities were sorely needed as you were aware!

Inscor has been through enormous changes in the past two years – more than at any time since the company was started, and whilst we knew these were necessary, they have nevertheless taken a toll on us all. In addition outside factors have created pressures which have all combined to batter our mental well-being!

I was therefore delighted at the response of all the staff to your presentation. Your supportive guidance engendered very honest discussion and I think you could tell by the reactions around the room as the day progressed, a growing confidence to be totally frank about concerns, criticism, and also to voice some terrific ideas abut how to help the company progress and grow. It has certainly given me much heart and revived my determination to see Inscor develop further skills and expertise and to meet the future head on and pumping!

With the great bunch of people we have, all pulling together, I am confident we will be an imposing force in the market. I very much appreciate your contribution and look forward to our continued growth together.

Kind regards,
Brian McGrath
Managing Director


Dear Charles,

A short note to thank you for all your help and involvement in our "One Team" conference at Walwa. The beautiful setting and environment formed a terrific backdrop for the evocative and provoking issues which you raised and challenged us to consider.

We have an opportunity to create an outstanding team within the S&F Division. As you know, the conference and materials presented provide the first steps in creating this great team.

Thank you again for adding a dimension to this conference that I sincerely believe opened our minds to the possibilities of a greater level of achievement within Uncle Ben’s and in our personal lives.

I will contact you next week to discuss how we might structure the ongoing development of our one team program.

Thanks again.
Warmest regards and best wishes for Christmas and 1999.
Andrew C. White


Dear Charles,

Thanks for conducting an excellent training session for key people at Gelpack Enterprises on Friday 26 March, 1999. The objective of developing team and people skills in our leadership team has certainly been achieved.

The reaction from the people who attended the workshop has been extremely positive. We now need to ensure that the momentum continues.

Charles, congratulations on being able to deliver a positive message to our key people in a manner that demonstrated passion that was contagious to our leadership team. Thanks!

Dan Pekin
General Manager